the reveal - $95

‘The Reveal’ facial service is created to brighten tired, dull skin. This service is an introductory service. Lavish in aromatic products to help ease your mind and reveal brighter, more youthful skin! This service provides massage, exfoliation and a mask to fit your skin care needs! Perfect for anyone and everyone! 

the rescue - $150

the rejuvenate - $120

‘The Rejuvenate’ facial service is created to boost & refresh your skin. This service is a step up from 'The Reveal.' Lavish in aromatic products to help ease your mind and indulge in a customized mask/peel that fits your needs & light therapy to get down to the root of the skin concerns! This service provides massage, exfoliation, mask/peel & light therapy to fit your skin care needs! 

'The Rescue' facial service is created for the client who is looking to relax, rejuvenate and polish their skin. This service is provided with massage, light therapy and peel/microdermabrasion. This is the perfect trio to shrink the pores, lighten discoloration due to age spots or acne scarring, plump up the skin, fade fine lines/wrinkles and help with the overall process of aging!