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Dear friends and followers, 


I come to with you a heavy heart & weariness but also with my truth. 

I have spent many days recently sorting through feelings, conversations and opinions in tears. 

I’ve tried to figure out how to express my heart without causing more conflicts.

I can only hope that after this,

you can see me, you can see my heart and my respect for others.


Exclusivity and judgment are challenges I face every single day in my business.

I am not here to expand on either of those emotions, yet, let you know you are not alone,

as I too have felt very isolated, lonely and judged.

I will not make you feel judged against being vaccinated or unvaccinated, because

I trust that you have made your best decision for your well being. 


Working in my industry, I take the upmost care for working safely.

I will continue to be a safe place for you. I will continue to show you respect, care, love, kindness, inclusivity

as I feel it is painfully needed over exclusivity and discrimination. 


At this time, I am unvaccinated and have spent many days praying,

conversing and deciding for my own health.

I respect your decision and choose to be surrounded by others who respect my own. 


I am blessed beyond words with my Eye Shine Beauty team and

want you to know that if you feel you can only work with a fully vaccinated artist,

I have artists on my team who can assist you.

Because, as I mentioned, I want you to feel safe for making your own choices. 


After reading this and you feel I am not a good fit for you,

or if you choose to only work with a fully vaccinated team,

I have recommendations for you too!


With love and respect, 

Christina Braun

Owner of Eye Shine Beauty 

Eye Shine Beauty

Always kind. Always shine. Always you.

At Eye Shine Beauty, we value every client and will always handle you with kindness. You should always feel like your beauty has been enhanced and not masked, and at the end of your appointment, you should feel like you shine, as true beauty always does! With over ten years of experience, we truly know the importance to making our clients still feel like themselves with artistry 

techniques that best fit each and every one of our clients, and in then end, always making you still feel like you

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